Higher Institution of Learning

In line with our veritable network of providing easy access to your study abroad programme, we ensure up to date advice, guidance and support for our teeming potential students through our online student recruitment webinars and info-sessions which in turn prevent the risk of traveling with effective time management. Moreover, our methodology is on the forefront of technology where we catch up with the steady trajectory of fiber optic image era. Our team of counselors is able to offer a bespoke recruitment service to partner universities and colleges across the globe. The team distinctively combines knowledge of the target markets with the educational demands of the programmes, as our excellent track-record in the placement and retention of students have given us an edge over our contemporaries. Whereas, for institutions and colleges interested in more traditional approach of recruitment, we would be hosting education fairs in various countries as the need arises.

For Students

There is no gainsaying in the fact that our team of quintessential counselors provides a wide array of platforms for helping international and domestic students to successfully navigate the admission and application processes for the most popular and competitive institutions admission systems in the world. We have several years of experience in helping students to apply to thousands of universities and colleges in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Malaysia, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Cyprus, Portugal and continental Asia. Similarly, our online student recruitment webinars and info-sessions offer promising network for cost effective teleconferencing formats coupled with our Skype and FaceTime networks, which enables our ease of interaction with relevant students all over the world. If one of our counselors is located in the same location as a student we will hold in-person consultations. We are committed to providing tailored counseling services that are based on a best fit approach for each student and institutions we work with. More importantly, it is crystal clear to us that there are cultural, academic and environmental challenges that new students are exposed to upon arrival. In this regard, our team of counselors of interdisciplinary and multi-ethnic background would be guiding you through all phases of these challenges in order for you acclimatize to the new environment as soon as possible. As part of our interesting services, we at Jplcaso Veritable Consultancy Service offer global immigration consultants and educational counseling assistance in addition to study and work permits applications for our potential students.